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What’s happening? 

-GOP Reps call for special counsel over Biden’s stalled Israel aid

-Biden calls Trump a ‘loser’ who ‘might have injected bleach’

– Opening statements begin in Dem senator’s corruption trial

Fight Night

Former President Trump accepted President Biden’s offer to debate him on television in June and September. 

After Trump said he was in, Biden said in a post on X that he “received and accepted an invitation” from CNN for a debate on June 27 — which is far, far earlier in the election cycle than most presidential year showdowns. 

“Over to you, Donald. As you said: anywhere, any time, any place,” Biden wrote. Biden did have several requirements for the debates, including that they be held without a live audience, and with microphones that cut out when each candidate’s time expired.

Trump told Fox News Digital that he will accept and “will be there.” The Republican added that he is “looking forward to being in beautiful Atlanta.”

The proposal was initially outlined by the Biden-Harris campaign in a letter to the bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates on Wednesday morning. It abandoned the decades-old tradition of three fall meetings organized by the debate commission. Trump afterward told Fox News Digital that he’d accept the timeline proposed by the incumbent Democrat. 

“Crooked Joe Biden is the worst debater I have ever faced — he can’t put two sentences together,” Trump told Fox News Digital. “Crooked is also the worst president in the history of the United States, by far.” 

Trump told Fox News Digital that “it is time for a debate to take place – even if it has to be held through the offices of the Commission on Presidential Debates, which are totally controlled by Democrats and who, as people remember, got caught cheating with me with debate sound levels.”

Biden, Trump

President Biden and former President Donald Trump. (Getty Images)

White House

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Capitol Hill

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Across America

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