49ers are favored in all 17 games on their 2024 schedule


The NFL schedule makers didn’t do the 49ers any favors by giving them four opponents coming off bye weeks, but that doesn’t matter to the sports books, who see San Francisco as the strongest team in the league.

The 49ers are favored in all 17 games, via the betting lines that were posted immediately after the 2024 NFL schedule was released.

Some of the 49ers’ game look like blowouts: They’re favored by 11.5 at home against the Patriots and by 9.5 at home against the Cardinals. Some look close: They’re favored by 2 at home against the Chiefs, by 2 on the road against the Bills, and by 1 on the road against the Dolphins.

But in every game, they’re favored. As noted by Ben Baldwin, the lines for all games for the 2024 season suggest that the 49ers are 5.2 points better than the average team.

It’s a long season and upsets can happen, but the 49ers have every reason for confidence that they’re going to win a lot of games this year.


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